The Creation Myth of Lugon

Xiarch looked around as the Nochanes, Pensi, Kaiulle, and other beings gathered around in anticipation. They were gathering for the announcement of a new Being that he would be making. The Nochanes, the first beings he had created from his own Divine Tongue, had seen this many times before, as had some of the other older races. Indeed, Creation was not something rare in Xiarch’s Kingdom. He was at work with some project or another almost constantly, but Beings were rare indeed, currently only totaling ten out of the millions of creations that existed.

And, on this particular occasion, even the Nochanes were as eager as the others. For two things were coming that had never happened before. First, Xiarch was not creating one new type of Beings, but three – and that these three would be interconnected deeply. Such a thing had never been heard of before. All current Beings existed in and of themselves, neither needing nor in competition with one another. But even this triple Being symbiotic relationship was not the most shocking part of the accountment.

The announcement that most floored the Nochanes, and many others, was that all three of these Beings would have their essences bound to matter. Xiarch had created much in matter before. Indeed, he had created bodies, even showed some of them how to create bodies, so that they could experience his material creations, walking amongst the various world and experience them in their full depth, rather than simply viewing them from afar. But these bodies had been nothing but vehicles of transport, unbreathing, and only alive for the brief points in time when one Being or another would inhabit them. Two have a Being bound to the material world – it marked something wholly new in the cosmos.

For starters, Xiarch himself was not bound to matter. Indeed when any Being entered one of his material worlds in a temporary body, the Divine world could no longer be perceived. How would these beings know their Creator? Would Xiarch inhabit a body at all times to be among them? If so, how would he continue to interact with them, the Divine beings, in the primary plane?

But Xiarch knew all these questions were circulating in their mind, and at last, spoke a Request that they be silent. That was what so many loved about him – that he could Command them, and they would be unable to resist, he almost always used Request. Eventually, their minds were in tune with his, and they perceived his thoughts.

“First,” Xiarch said, projecting two visions into their minds, “of these new Beings will be Elves, both male and female. They will be the most akin to all of you – immortal, with temporary bodies, though still bound to my new material world of Lugon.  Their Task shall be to learn all of its secrets, and share them both amongst themselves and with their two Lugonian Being brethren. As their bodies live, they will be free to gather information and help build the world and teach its inhabitants all they know. Then, their bodies shall fade and their Souls return to the Sea, where all their knowledge and memories will accumulate. Those still in bodies may commune with their fellows still in the Sea, but. Being bound by the material world, their minds will be limited in what they can perceive. To keep the desire for learning fresh, each time an Elf is born back into the material world, he will have no memory of their previous lives, or of all memories contained within the Sea. In this way, they will continually find joy in the freshness of the world for all of their eternal lives, and never cease to find joy in their Task. Though the Divine is not their primary means of existence or work, they will have access to Commands that affect the mind and memory, as it will aid them.”

“Second,” Xiarch continued, and two new visions appeared in all their minds, “will be Man, also male and female. Though my time of Creating Lugon nears its end, they, for their Task, will continue to create new materials and ideas, using my matter as their foundation. Their lives are temporary, and short, lest they get overly arrogant and dominating. When their bodies expire, their souls will return to me, though I will not say at this time what their ultimate fate will be. To aid them in their task, they shall Divine control over fire, for it will be the most useful in transforming the world around them.”

“Thirdly and finally,” Xiarch concluded, “will be the Dwarves, again also male and female. They are the least like you, having no immortal soul at all, and their existence if fully tied to their bodies. Their Task shall be that of Craftmanship and Beauty, though their bodies are least appealing to their own eyes. To aid in their Task, they shall have the aid of the Divine in the shaping and moving of matter in whatever quantities are currently available to them. When their bodies expire, they will return to the earth, and over time rejoin the matter of Lugon, so that their descendants may continue to Craft, and they at long last will become that which they built in life.”

There were hushed exciting whispers, and Xiarch smiled at them. “Yes, I see some of you already perceive their symbiotic relationship. For as each Being makes progress towards its Task, it will continue to allow for more growth in the tasks of the others. As such, it is my hope that they build Lugon, already beautiful in its own right, into something new. A beauty I myself can enjoy as I have let you enjoy my works – that I may walk about in the beauty created of another.”

“But,” said one of the Nochanes, “could you not create the same thing yourself, and better? And is it not still your creation, even if by proxy?”

“Of course I could create something of higher Beauty,” said “Xiarch,” but that is not the point. Throughout eternity, I have given you all the gifts of my creation.  I desire to receive one. Not for its beauty, but that I may experience gratitude, as all of you have. And, in this, though they are the smallest and most humble of Beings I have yet created, they shall have this honor – they will be the first to show me Charity – not merely obedience. The fact that I’m the ultimate Creator will not adversely affect my ability to appreciate it. Indeed, my gratitude will be purer for it. For I will not be grateful for the usefulness or the beauty, but the act itself.”

“But surely,” the Nochane continued, “they will be subject to you, as are we all. Even we, your Nochanes, are bound to you.”

Xiarch perceived the envy in his Creature’s tone, “By what right do you protest what I do with my own Creatures? Yet for peace and your sake, I will tell you. They are indeed still bound to me, but not in perpetuity, as you are. They shall have a Time of independence. When that time is over, I will hold court and bring all things to account, repaying in measure all that was wrought on Lugon, both good and evil. But until such a time, they will indeed have more freedom than any Being that has yet perceived Life.”

The Nochane, realizing he had overstepped, withdrew his questions. “I apologize, Xiarch,” he said. “But, as you said, such a thing has never been seen before. I was confused. Yet I should have approached you better.”

Xiarch smiled. “Very well. Now, you all are dismissed. Those who wish may remain to watch the first Beings bound to tread in Lugon be formed. All others may return to their activities.”