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Map for <i>Truth Unearthed
Map for Truth Unearthed

Truth Unearthed follows the story of two young students, Arun and Baran, set to graduate from The Academy in The Dawn’s capital of Hilae, and their experienced guide and protector, the Warden Athaz. Arun is a budding historical scholar, eager to join the Keepers of the Chronicle and study the peoples of Lugon. His best friend and roommate, Baran, picked Chronicling to easily get his commission for The Dawn’s military.

What starts out as a standard Graduate Field Task quickly becomes more than any bargained for when their dig is attacked by a massive army of Orcs and Goblins. But unexpected help arrives from the Bewildered, a nomadic people who resist The Dawn and its Emperor, the Son of Bälech.

At first unwilling to explain anything, eventually the trio learns the plans the Bewildered have for them – and for the world. Caught up in a struggle they did not ask to be involved in, and beyond their abilities, the three must try to navigate a new world of wonder and danger and also save the lives of those they love most.

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