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A False Dawn tells the events that unfold in Lugon’s history after a young elf-maiden witnesses a vision of Hope from the Sea, her subsequent attempts to bring that vision to reality, and the effects those actions had on numerous people.

But rather than focusing on one person or group of people, multiple concurrent stories are told within the same timeframe, telling the stories of heroes, antiheroes, the victors and the defeated.  Occasionally, some narratives have direct continuations with several characters from a previous novel making a prominent impact (in such cases they will be linked as part of a trilogy or arc underneath the banner of the False Dawn saga), but in general, the characters and actions from one story are merely referenced as explanation as to why another group of characters finds themselves in their conflicts, as well as providing context for their motivations.

The writer desired to more candidly explore the full effect of a paradigm-changing shift in power, and the effects it brings to various people – how heroes fall from grace while some villains find redemption, and how many people’s lives are affected by simply where their homes were at the time of the events. It also is a professional curiosity to see if incorporating major characters from other narratives as minor players in future works brings a greater sense of closure and acceptance that their individual story has ended, but that the greater story of the people continues.

While all capable of being read independently, the events of Truth Unearthed serve as the catalyst for all other novels in the saga, as it details the story of the actual shift in the world of Lugon, and the other stories all take place in its wake. As such, it is recommended to be read first.


Total Number of Books: TBD  (Minimum of 5)

Stories / Series

The Catalyst

  • Book 1Truth Unearthed – Released 12-15-2018, Prequel to the saga A False Dawn


(Title Undisclosed) Series on Vera’s Story, Contains many primary characters from the prequel

  • Book 2 (Title Undisclosed) – Fully outlined, currently writing,
  • Book 3 (Title Undisclosed) – Mostly outlined
  • Additional Book if Necessary (Story may be too long for two books)


(Title Unknown) – Tells the story of survival of a remote area in The Dawn after the events of Book 1

  • Book 4 (Title Unknown) – faint outline
  • Potentially more books


(Title Unknown) – Tells the tragedy, trials, and outcome of a low-ranking official caught on the wrong side after Book 1

  • Book 5 (Title Unknown) – faint outline
  • Potentially more books?


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