Goblins are a Bälech created chimera of lesser Divine creatures and Elves. Made to mock the Elves, they are gangling, misshapen, stupid creatures incapable of even advanced language skills (they can mimic the words of others and can understand a vocabulary of 50-100 words). They are cowardly, but take pleasure in simple violence, food, and reproduction. Their lusts combined with their lack of foresight and intelligence has led them to breed like rabbits, quickly becoming the most populous race in the world, Savage or Noble, even with their typically short life spans. Like all the Savage races, Bälech removed all Divine abilities since their creation, and they are no longer capable of passing down any abilities. Incapable of forming any civilization on their own, they are often kept and bred much like animals by the other Savage Races, used for menial labor and fodder to absorb attacks in war. Some Goblins do manage to escape on their own and form small colonies, hiding in caves or taking shelter in trees, but they since they can only steal for their food, often become nomadic and either starve, are killed while trying to rob for food, or captured by the other Savage Races and put in with the others.

Physical Description

Goblins if they stood erect would be nigh 6 ft. tall, but they walk bent over at the waist and only fully extending their legs in a full sprint. When sitting, the place all of their hands and feet on the ground, giving them an almost frog-like appearance. Their eyes are large and bulbous, with crooked noses (normally from multiple fractures), and mirthless, toothy grins. Though thin and frail-looking, they are surprisingly strong and quite capable of throttling their victims if they manage to take them by surprise. Goblins are often either completely naked or only covered with a thin cloth. While capable of wielding crude weapons, they are impossible to train, and all armor must be light or they will just take it off if it hinders their movements.


Culture and Traits

They have no culture to speak of, but they will crudely imitate the language of whatever captors raised them when they were young.