Early in Bälech’s conquest of Lugon, one of the advantages the Noble Races that resisted had was mobility and numbers. Of the Savage Races, only Goblins multiplied quickly, and their lack of intelligence meant their large population did little to shift the balance in Bälech’s favor. Pushing his unholy experiments further, he began to add dumb beasts into his chimera creations. First came gryphons, which the Orcs began to use for mounted combat. Then came his ultimate tool of destruction – Dragons. Combining snakes and bats gave the dragon its form. The spirit of the Divine creature (ensnared with promises of becoming lords of their own kingdoms) its mind, and, from the unfortunate Elf, Dwarf, or Human, its Power. The Noble Races fell before Bälech’s terrors of the sky. Dwarves proved the most difficult, but eventually, even the underground Kingdom of Goldúr with its golem army would succumb to their unstoppable fury.

Bälech initially created six: two fire dragons, two ice dragons, and two earth dragons, each with a male and female. Originally planning to breed them, he quickly realized he had underestimated his own creations. If not for the failsafe he had in each one would have been overwhelmed. He still could be, if enough banded together. Whatever happened to the dragons’ nests, no one ever discovered.

Once Bälech had undisputed control of Lugon, all six dragons mysteriously disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived. Once every several generations, wild tales would spring up, but they were dismissed as delusions of madmen after their towns were destroyed by Savage Races. Eventually, they were believed to have never been anything more than a myth. Even those who knew the history of Lugon forgot their fear of them.

But if any dragons should still draw breath, the peoples of Lugon would do well to remember their ancient enemies of old, for the dragons will surely remember their promised lordship.

Fire DragonsRed dragon of Lugon

Ruby, colored scales, proportionate, scaled, muscular bodies, and the most skilled fliers, these dragons inherited the ability to breathe fire from their Men used in Bälech’s experiment. Though they cannot manipulate it at will as Men could, their fire burned many times hotter than what any Man had achieved. With almost no Men left with their Power, Fire Dragons are nigh unstoppable on the surface of Lugon.

Ice DragonsIce Dragon of Lugon

Greenish-blue in color, fleshy elongated and slender bodies with small limbs, and long but thin wings, these dragons are more dangerous at sea, but should not be underestimated in the air. Not only can they freeze water’s physical form – including water vapor to create icy blasts – their psychic Powers amplified in water allow them to control the bodies of Elves who look into their eyes and block their attempts to commune with their kin in the Sea.

Acid (Earth) DragonsEarthen Dragon of Lugon

With bronze scales and acid pouring from their maws, these Dragons were created from and specifically to fight Dwarves. Their massive bodies and powerful legs were designed for combat underground, where they can burrow with terrifying speed while using their acidic saliva to destroy any defenses in their path. The tradeoff was they are poor flyers, even with their massive, armored wings that use more often as a shield than for transportation. As such avoid the open air. But you don’t need to fly when the very earth your enemy stands on can be turned into a deadly pool.